Memorandum on Metropolitan Cooperation

An important instrument for establishing the existing joint procedure in the area of metropolitan cooperation is political support.

On 3 October 2018, the political representatives of Brno, the South Moravian Region, Kuřim, Rosice, Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz), Šlapanice and Židlochovice jointly signed the Memorandum of Cooperation within the Brno Metropolitan Area. Furthermore, Ivančice joined this memorandum in 2020. This document follows on the previous Memorandum from the year 2014. Based on experience gained so far and the issues addressed in implementing the integrated metropolitan strategy and the utilisation of the ITI tool, it was necessary to update the wording of the original Memorandum. The purpose of the new Memorandum is to declare continuous cooperation, to ensure continuity in a joint coordinated approach to the development of the territory of the Brno Metropolitan Area after the year 2020, and to make a list of the requirements towards the national level.

Preparation and implementation of joint projects and further development of the territory and for the sake of efficient utilisation of public resources is also captured by the Memorandum. Memorandum represents an extension of the existing space for mutual discussion.

There are specific themes that are part of the Memorandum which only make sense when addressed jointly on the metropolitan level (for example, flood protection and revitalisation measures, P+R parking facilities and transport terminals in the hinterland of Brno, or joint coordination of residential and commercial housing development in the Brno Metropolitan Area). The utilisation of the ITI tool has shown by now a positive change in the development of the Brno Metropolitan Area. The signing of the memorandum at the same time entitles the stakeholders concerned to have their representatives in the Steering Committee and in the thematic working groups, which will select the most appropriate metropolitan projects.