Planning at the level of the Brno Metropolitan Area

Why not only Brno, but the whole metropolitan area?        

From a realistic point of view, the city of Brno already exceeded its administrative boundaries a long time ago. This makes things difficult at different levels of planning, management and administration. These processes in fact are not yet coordinated, let alone backed by legislative acts, as in the case of Western European countries. The city of Brno is aware of this and does not profile itself as a spatial unit, functionally enclosed within its administrative boundaries, but as a part of a broader territory of the Brno Metropolitan Area. Together, in cooperation with other towns and municipalities, we started writing a new chapter in terms of understanding the notion of strategic planning in the Czech Republic. The ITI Territorial Tool became the right impetus for setting up long-term cooperation between Brno and its neighbouring municipalities, which will be beneficial to all the stakeholders involved. The metropolitan level is also strongly reflected in the city-wide Brno2050 Strategy and is also taken into account in the Strategy of Regional Development of the Czech Republic 2021+.

What are we trying to achieve in the long run by doing this?   

An interlinked system of relationships in the framework of the entire Brno Metropolitan Area ​​Brno is an accelerator for its economic development and competitiveness. The objective for the future is to set up systematic metropolitan cooperation, especially in the area of ​​strategic and spatial planning, which will take into account not only the European funds. Thanks to the coordinated development and management of the Brno Metropolitan Area, the growing demands on the quality of the technical and transport infrastructure, the environment, the availability and localisation of public services, housing and business will be continuously met in the future. This will cause the quality of life of the inhabitants of the entire Brno Metropolitan Area to be enhanced. Let us keep our fingers crossed! 🙂