International Cooperation

EUROCITIES is a network of large European cities with more than 250,000 inhabitants. At the present time it has more than 140 members, thus representing a significant voice of the inhabitants 39 European countries. The membership in the network is open to all cities with a democratically elected municipal administration, which are at the same time regional centres and have ambitions to build their position at the international level.

The organisation EUROCITIES has the task of representing the interests of cities within EU institutions and national governments. It seeks to influence decision-making at the European level and the legislative process in order to make sure that the interests of European cities are taken into account.

The department is part of two working groups called Metropolitan Areas and Cohesion Policy. Within these groups, we endeavour to influence European policy in order to improve cooperation between cities and regions, we prepare action plans, European legislation and share our experiences with other metropolitan areas, but we also draw on examples of good practice from those European metropolises that advise us on metropolitan planning and building of cooperation.

An example of successful cooperation is our involvement in the MAIA (Metropolitan Areas In Action) project, within the framework of which experts in metropolitan areas shares their direct experience from the development and management of cooperation in metropolitan areas. The final report of the project describes cooperation at the metropolitan level in 38 cities. This report helped the City of Brno in defining the Brno Metropolitan Area for the implementation of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) tool.