Metropolitan Analyses

Metropolitan Indicator System

Brno’s data portal publishes every year all the data available concerning the Brno Metropolitan Area. Visit this site if you want to find out how many inhabitants live here, what is the unemployment rate or how many apartments were completed in the given year. The Indicator System of the Brno Metropolitan Area represents a comprehensive overview of the agglomeration. The system can be used as a synoptical data source that describes the situation in the Brno Metropolitan Area.

Socio-demographic Analysis of the Brno Metropolitan Area

This study created in 2013 deals with the social-demographic characteristics of the population of the Brno Metropolitan Area. It focuses, for example, on the number and density of the population, population structure by gender, age, extent of economic activity including employment rates by sector, educational structure of the population, etc. It is available for download in Czech.







Atlas of the Brno Metropolitan Area

In the year 2015, an Atlas of the Brno Metropolitan Area was created. Atlas shows the whole functional region of Brno and its hinterland in a perspective of different points of view. In this Atlas, you will find basic data about the definition of the Brno Metropolitan Area,  its population including demographic data, education and economic activity (in Czech only).








Transport Behaviour of the Brno Metropolitan Area

The objective of this study created in 2017 was to find out what the traffic behaviour of the inhabitants of the Brno Metropolitan Area is like, i.e. how they transport themselves during the week and at the weekends, what the purposes of their journeys are and how satisfied they are with the conditions for each individual mode of transport (in Czech only).







Mid-term evaluation of IDS BMA 2014-2020 

It was developed in 2019 and focused on the implementation and performance of the Integrated Development Strategy 2014-2020. For example, the report states that the main advantage of the ITI tool is the high level of integration at the level of the strategy or integrated projects. This is achieved through the work of Department of ITI Management and Metropolitan Cooperationprinciple of partnership cooperation linking information about the territory with partners from the territory, financial management of the strategy and substantive coordination of the individual themes (in Czech only).








Analytical framework of IDS BMA 21+ 

Analytical framework presents one of the input documents for the process of creating the metropolitan strategy for the period 2021-2027. It is an initial framework view of selected thematic areas important for the functioning of the metropolitan area as a whole. The analytical attention is therefore devoted in particular to those topics, issues and phenomena that have a metropolitan dimension – they go beyond the scale of individual municipalities and connect the sub-parts of the Brno Metropolitan Area into broader, problem-defined units. For example, topics and issues related to mobility, waste and water management, education or residential and commercial construction. It is available for download in Czech.