Brno Metropolitan Area 21+

The Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic awarded a public contract to delimitate metropolitan areas and agglomerations in the Czech Republic on the basis of a uniform methodology. The public contract was awarded in agreement with all burghs in the Czech Republic. In total, the delimitation deals with 3 metropolitan areas (including the Brno Metropolitan Area) and 10 agglomerations. This delimitation will be used as a basis for the implementation of regional policy through the Strategy of Regional Development of the Czech Republic 2021+ and will continue to be important for the creation and implementation of the Integrated Development Strategy of the Brno Metropolitan Area 21+ and use of the integrated territorial investment tool (ITI). The data from the mobile operator and the specific characteristics in the area were used to delimit the area.

Brno Metropolitan Area (BMA), based on the delimitation, consists of 184 municipalities, including Brno, with approximately 700 thousand people living there (60 % of South Moravian Region). The territory of BMA has an area of 1,978 km2. BMA represents an example of an area with one dominant core -Brno, half of the area´s population lives there.

A more detailed map can be found here.

A new delimitation of BMA replaces the delimitation from 2013. the number of municipalities and thus inhabitants has increased in comparison with the previous delimitation. A significant change is the inclusion of larger cities in the northern and eastern part of the area. A more detailed comparison can be done in the table below.

Period 2014-2020 2021+
Number of municipalities 167 184
Population ( 2018) 624 773 696 413
Area 1 750 km2 1 978 km2