Tramline to the Campus: the biggest investment in public transport in Brno in the last 20 years 

40,000 passengers – students of Masaryk University, patients of the University Hospital Brno, employees of scientific institutions and office park daily commute to the Bohunice campus in overcrowded buses and trolleybuses. How to relieve a congested part of the city whose condition is on the edge of bearability? The project to extend the tram line from Osová to the Campus was the only possible solution.  

The new tram line, which also moves underground, will make transport easier, simpler, faster and more efficient. A direct connection to the city centre without complicated transfers and wasted time in traffic jams will reduce the journey to the main station to a quarter of an hour. Buses to Bohunice and Starý Lískovec will no longer be so full and the tram will also make transport more comfortable for disabled patients who will not have to make complicated transfers. Once the project is completed, people will be able to use the tunnel to reach the university campus and the university hospital. Because a large part of the line will run through a tunnel up to nine metres deep, people from the surrounding houses do not have to worry about the noise that the arriving tram makes. A detailed visualisation of the new tram line can be seen in the pictures.

Visualization of the tram line to the campus

Visualization of the tram line to the campus II

Visualization of the tram line to the campus III









In Brno, the tramline was last extended in 2008 towards the Technology Park in Královo Pole. The BMA Steering Committee approved the project of the new line with a length of 912 m on 23 May 2018, the amount of the subsidy is 1.16 billion CZK. The project has also had a significant impact on the hinterland of the city of Brno and therefore the entire metropolitan area. The regional bus lines will terminate at the new terminal and passengers can transfer to the tram immediately. Regional buses will no longer have to go into the congested city centre and the reliability of transport will be improved, as both regional bus drivers and passengers will not have to spend their time in traffic jams. In addition, a P+R car park will be built next to the new tram line.

At the same time, the area is to be developed more – the plan is to build a gynaecological and obstetric clinic, which is to merge all the separate departments of the University Hospital, the Campus sports hall, and a new district called Western Gate which will offer more than 1,000 new flats. The line also includes an underground station, Nová Jihlavská, to provide transport services to the new district. In October 2019, the foundation stone of the construction was laid and the first passengers are expected to ride the new line in December 2022. For more information, visit