Supporting the policy statement Delivering EU’s Rural Vision 2040 through urban-rural cooperation

The working group Metropolitan Areas that has been operating within the Eurocities network published the policy statement called Delivering EU’s Rural Vision 2040 through urban-rural cooperation.

The policy statement looks at the ways how to bring forward cooperation within the urban-rural areas in the future. The statement is based on the multiple exchanges that were carried out in the context of the working group. The Brno Metropolitan Area is part of the working group and therefore participated in the formulation of this policy statement.

The policy statement describes that metropolitan areas must be involved in the governance structures that will support the EU´s rural vision. Around 50% of the rural population of the EU lives close to a city – and often as part of wider metropolitan areas. Thus the metropolitan perspective must be taken into account while talking about rural aspects as well. Partnerships between urban and rural areas are essential to achieving EU long-term goals, including the European Green Deal.

You can read more about the statement at the Eurocities website.

The statement can be downloaded here.