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Cookies are small files that websites (including ours) store in your web browser. The contents of these files are exchanged between your browser and our servers or those of our partners. We need some cookies for the website to function properly, and we need some cookies for marketing and statistical analytics. You can learn more about our cookie policy HERE. On this page you can set which cookies we can use.


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These are technical files that are necessary for the proper functioning of our website and all of its features. They are used, among other things, to store products in the shopping cart, display products on request, control filters, personal settings and also to set your consent to the use of cookies. Your consent is not required for these cookies and cannot be removed.

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They help to improve and streamline the functionality of websites by tracking visitor activity on them. Thanks to analytics cookies, a website can, for example, remember a visitor’s past preferences or speed up the processing of their request. To use cookies of this kind, the website operator needs the consent of the data subject. Without such consent, analytical cookies cannot be used