Managerial Summary of Integrated Development Strategy of Brno Metropolitan Area

The Brno City Assembly and the Brno Metropolitan Area Steering Committee discussed and approved the document Integrated Development Strategy of the Brno Metropolitan Area 2021+ during the spring. It contains, among other things, lists of specific projects and integrated solutions for the city of Brno and its natural hinterland. This is the culmination of a three years long partnership process in the preparation of the strategy. The document was subsequently assessed and approved by the Ministry of Regional Development on 30 August. This officially concludes the process of preparation of the Integrated Development Strategy for the Brno Metropolitan Area  21+ and brings us to the implementation phase.

The Integrated Development Strategy of the Brno Metropolitan Area 21+ is available only in Czech. You can find it here.

That is why we have prepared a managerial summary of this strategy. You will find there the information on the delimination of the Brno Metropolitan Area for the period 21+, the vision of the area, the development areas and the objectives and individual measures of the strategy. Integrated solutions represent the core of the strategy, so the managerial summary focuses on them as well. Finally, there is also information on the implementation phase.

The document can be downloaded via this link.